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The LP2500 is a powerful intelligent controller with native network support and is scalable to 64 doors/openings. Built on the Authentic Mercury platform, the intelligent controller uses an on-board Ethernet port to connect to cloud or server-based access control hosts. The intelligent controller preforms access control, alarm management, and scheduled operations -- all in single package.






Intelligent Controller (No Onboard IO)
  • Open Architecture - use of hardware with Mercury OEM partners’ software solutions
  • Enhanced Security - embedded crypto memory chip and data at rest encryption
  • Versatile Interoperability - same reliable interface and identical footprint as the EP controllers
Key Specifications
  • 600,000 cardholder capacity
  • Supports up to 1,024 inputs and 1,024 outputs
  • Natively does not support any readers or openings
  • IPv4/6, TLS1.2, 802.1X
  • FIPS 140-2 user of OpenSSL
LP2500 AE Specs
Controllers Comparison Chart
LP2500 Data Sheet


What does the battery on the EP / LP controllers backup?
The battery on LP series controllers backs up SRAM and the RTC (Real Time Clock). Should a panel have a missing/dead battery and go through an extended power cycle, the onboard configuration will be lost and will require a complete download. Note, on the LP1501 the battery is a rechargeable battery which is only used to backup SRAM as that panel does not have a RTC.
What types of elevator support does Mercury offer?
The Mercury products provide both standard elevator control (using relays and inputs) as well as a higher level integration to elevator systems. The standard elevator offering comes in two forms: Type 1: Elevator control without floor select feedback (just using outputs connected to elevator system). Type 2: Elevator control with floor select feedback (uses both outputs and inputs connected to elevator system). The higher level integrations that are currently available are the following: OTIS, Compass, KONE, ThyssenKrupp and Mitsubishi.

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