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Virtual Access Processor

Mercury’s Virtual Access Processor (VAP) is an application program that embeds our EP Series intelligent controller firmware into third-party hardware.

VAP shares the same code base as Authentic Mercury hardware products, providing the opportunity to extend the rich feature set and functionality of Mercury’s core product line to a range of hardware devices.

VAP simplifies adding physical security to third-party devices, without the need for additional controller hardware. This accelerates time to market for integrating access, alarm management and other functionality to hardware that does not have these capacities. Just load VAP onto networked or digital video recording (DVR), and surveillance devices, time and attendance stations, intercoms,alarm panels, parking controls and network switches for an ideal access control enhancement.

VAP enables third-party hardware to manage either local or remote downstream Mercury devices, and it can be configured by any of our partner’s applications.


  • Gain the powerful reliability of Mercury’s intelligent controllers -- without additional hardware
  • Small memory requirements supports system flexibility
  • Easily support system diversification to include a range of sensors and monitoring


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