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A multi-device interface panel to replace the Software House® Pro I8 module.

Mercury’s vision for building a completely open access control hardware platform with a highly articulated API continues with the new MS Bridge line. To ensure organizations can protect their largest investment in an access control system, the MS Bridge provides yet another choice for customers seeking to upgrade their current access control hardware to the feature-rich Authentic Mercury controller open platform.


  • Retrofits Software House Pro Series controllers with a plug & play format  for a “screwdriverless” change over
  • Simple Migration – Provides a streamlined path for organizations to “upgrade”, while reducing overall costs by eliminating the need to rewire legacy peripheral devices
  • Open and Flexible – Built on the Authentic Mercury hardware open platform, which is designed to support emerging technologies, changing industry standards and evolving system environments
  • Market-Proven – With the industry’s largest installed base, Mercury Security has consistently provided partners and customers with the most reliable and scalable platform for more than 20 years

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