Building and security system integrators trust Mercury’s controller platforms to establish the essential infrastructure for their access systems. Our controllers are built on open architecture platforms and incorporate industry standards to increase interoperability within buildings.

Regardless of system size, our OEM partners achieve the most robust access control when they rely on Authentic Mercury controllers for flexible configurations that deliver total security beyond the door.

Authentic Mercury controllers support:

  • Open Supervised Device Protocol  (OSDP) and Secure Communication Protocol (SCP) for bi-directional, secure communications
  • Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) for standards based integrations
  • BACnet for streamlined building automation and control
  • Common Internet and network standards

LP Intelligent Controllers

Once programmed, Mercury’s LP Intelligent Controllers act as a mid-span communications manager and data hub that enables connectivity and functionality to secondary controllers and third party peripherals.

Our intelligent controllers are built on the Authentic Mercury open platform and share the same code base to reinforce uniformity in features and functionality across current and future firmware.


Intelligent Controller w/ Extended Applications (2 Rdrs, 8 Inputs, 4 Outputs)


Intelligent Controller (No Onboard IO)


Intelligent Controller (2 Rdrs, 8 Inputs, 4 Outputs)


PoE+ Edge-capable Intelligent Controller (2 Rdrs, 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs)

MR SIO Series 3

Authentic Mercury MR serial Input/output (SIO) devices represent the secondary level in Mercury’s distributed architecture. The devices provide flexibility to our OEM partners, ensuring they can choose the controller that best fits their needs.

The MR line is a diverse subset of controllers that are specifically dedicated to point control and monitoring as well as individual door oversight. Additionally, the MR line includes combo controllers that provide specific door oversight, point control and monitoring in a single device.


Single card reader interface panel


Reader interface panel provides robust connectivity to peripheral devices


Multi-device interface panel


Multi-device interface panel to control high concentrations of outputs


Reader Interface Module w/ PoE+ (2 Rdrs, 6 Inputs, 4 Outputs)


Reader interface panel provides robust connectivity to peripheral devices

Legacy Controllers

Legacy products are previous-generation Mercury Security hardware that is no longer manufactured or sold.

These products are no longer available for purchase. Any information provided is for support of hardware already deployed out in the field.