Mercury Security Open Source Portal

Mercury Security makes use of open source software in some of our products.  Some of the open source software has been modified by our engineers.  These open source files are available for download or via written offer and are used in accordance with their corresponding open source licenses.


Written Offer for Source Code

To obtain the GPL modified source code used in a Mercury Product, a written request can be sent directly to Mercury Security at the following address:

Mercury Security
Attn: Source Code Request
2355 Mira Mar Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90815

Your Request should include:

  •         Product model number
  •         Serial number of product
  •         Firmware version of product
  •         Your name
  •         Company name
  •         Return mailing address
  •         Contact information (phone number or email address)

This offer is valid for 3 years from the release date of the requested firmware or the last shipment of the product.