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The Authentic Mercury open architecture model makes it possible for end-user organizations to choose from industry-leading access control software providers, both at time of product selection or in the future. Mercury's approach provides a streamlined path to move organizations from proprietary and/or obsolete systems to an open, flexible and interoperable platform for systematic access control.

Merc makes it true and reliable.

The authenticity of our platform was born in the 90’s and marked as Authentic Mercury in 2011 when the introduction of other access hardware was promoted as a functionally equivalent alternative. While some believe imitation is flattering, we think it can lead to confusion. To be certain of quality, reliable Mercury products, we created the Authentic Mercury mark. It is the brand to look for when are specifying, buying or installing and you want the best in open access architecture. Make sure it's Merc.

Relationships that make a difference.

Our partners are experienced technology companies, security integrators and consulting organizations that are ready to innovate, collaborate and help customers solve their most pressing security business challenges. Since 1992, in collaboration with our OEM partners, we have built an unmatched set of features into an open hardware platform that is unequaled for reliability, longevity and effectiveness.

“Mercury Security is one of the few manufacturers developing open technology components.”

- Access Control Security Systems Magazine -

Merc is open.

Authentic Mercury hardware is built on open architecture.  It’s what we do best. For 25 years, Mercury has been committed to developing innovative security technology for our partners to create integrated solutions. We provide reliable products that can also be integrated into your legacy systems for the most value and return of investment for our customers.

Merc makes it easy.

Delivering the highest quality and most proven hardware infrastructure, Mercury collaborates closely with our partners to assure that every system specified and installed is high-performing and reliable, while also cost-effective.

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Best-in-class solutions for a powerful access control system, customized for your organization.