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Merc President Matt Barnette Featured in Security Today Magazine

June 1, 2017

In the May 2017 issue of publication Security Today, Matt Barnette discusses the importance of partnerships in the access control market.

For 25 years, Mercury Security has been building products that are only sold through partners. The core technology designed, developed and manufactured by Mercury Security – access control panels, firmware and the software that drives them – is accentuated and brought to market by Mercury partners to help customers solve problems.

We believe access control is the backbone of any security plan. A good access control system provides the most fundamental security need; the ability to lock and monitor a facility, protecting a customer’s people, assets and intellectual property.

“End users should be asking for three things,” said Matt Barnette, president of Mercury Security. “Cyber-secure products, interoperability and open standards. These are the essential ingredients to flexible systems that can stand the test of time. Security devices need to be cyber secure. Period. Mercury and our partners are building more functionality into the products to extend the capabilities of the system making them more interoperable. An open platform that incorporates industry open standards allows options. Minimizing the use of any proprietary products allows customers to be assured they are positioned for future growth as their requirements evolve and change.”

“By sanctioning these three features, customers can buy products and services at a competitive price and never have to worry about how to expand the system as their business grows. With the increasing danger of cyberattacks, only selecting products that are constantly being tested and upgraded is equally important. The manufacturers that are being selected need to have a clear cyber policy and a protocol that they can articulate to ensure end users are not opening themselves up to problems.”

Read the Security Today article in its entirety here.